If all of the above changes have been made, and the chronic illness still has not been sufficiently improved, the patient should try eating a diet composed entirely of organic foods for two weeks. Preferably this should be the Rotary Diversified Diet described in Chapter 18.

It would be ideal if every person could eat organic food all the time. This is impossible to advocate today, since the supply of truly organic food of high quality is severely limited. Unsprayed, uncontaminated food should be made available first of all to those people who simply cannot function without it—the patients in advanced stages of chemical susceptibility.

An increasing demand for organic, uncontaminated food, however, should eventually lead to an increased supply of products. Consumers should be aware, however, that what passes for “organic” and “natural” nowadays is often not very pure, and susceptible patients often have reactions to what are at best semi-organic products.


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