One of the major forms of plus-two reactions is hyperactivity. This is also sometimes called hyperkinesis. Far more common in males than females, it is marked by distractability, inappropriate responses, and irritability. Supercharged and jittery behavior can occur at any age but is particularly common among children. It is often accompanied by aggressive actions, temper tantrums, poor schoolwork, and sometimes by overweight. This was first described in 1947.This sort of behavior has become increasingly common among children, and many theories have been advanced to account for it, ranging from Freudian interpretations of family life to the incrimination of television violence. Often, however, the problem is an allergic/addictive response to some food eaten in a compulsive fashion or to some chemical encountered in the course of everyday life. Removal of these substances and overall environmental control can often help such children in a dramatic way.


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