The new Alpha Dog trailer has hit the web, and well… all I can say is that I’m getting less and less impressed with this project the more I see of it. I know, I know… a lot of people are saying good things about it. Fair enough. I have no reason to question that. All I’m saying is that from where I’m sitting Alpha Dog is looking more and more like a bust every time I see something new. This trailer is just a continuation of that. The first Alpha Dog trailer I saw a few months back really surprised me… because although the buzz has been “This is Justin Timberlake’s Break out role!”… the trailer showed him saying NOTHING at all. And now this new Alpha Dog trailer comes along, and it seems to be diminishing his role in the film even further. Actually, this trailer makes it appear that Timberlake is nothing but a 4th or 5th character (which may very well be the case). Either way, it is becoming clear that this is indeed NOT Timberlake’s film. As for the Alpha Dog trailer itself… I’m not impressed. At this point to me it looks like a high school film project gone bad. But trailers can be deceiving, so let’s wait and see when the movie actually comes out. If you’d like to see the new Alpha Dog trailer you can just go here.

Chow Yun Fat In US Remake of Hard Boiled

Any serious action film fan knows the John Woo classic Hard Boiled all too well. It has been suggested that it could very well be the greatest action film of all time. Today it looks like actin fans have a reason to celebrate! According to Movie Blog Allumnist Todd (who now runs the fantastic TwitchFilm) is reporting that a North American version is planned, and to once again star Chow Yun Fat. Here’s what Todd had to say:It appears as though Chow Yun Fat has finally struck upon a sure fire method of repeating his massive Hong Kong success in North America: by repeating his biggest role. Word in Hong Kong’s Apple Daily is that Chow Yun Fat will be starring alongside an American actor in a remake of Hard Boiled, arguably one of the best action films ever made.Now, I normally don’t like the idea of Asian films being “remade” into english… but for some reason I think this particular project would be suitable for the transition. What do you guys think?

Around The Web – March 15th 2006

Here are some of the other things going on in Movie News today: – Michael Douglas slams Brad Pitt for leaving wife and Renee Zellweger and Julia Roberts for Short marriages Ummm… I like Michael Douglas an all… but shouldn’t someone remind him that he left his wife once too? – Theater owners excited about upcoming films this year – Benicio Del Toro is The Wolf Man Ok, I think this is a GREAT idea – Jennifer Lopez, Luke Wilson, John Travolta and Shirly MacClaine all set for Dallas the Movie – George Lucas talks Star Wars TV Series.


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