It’s always refreshing when you get to sit in on a session with a couple of guys who just talk like they do when they’re in the bar instead of putting on their best “interview face”. I had the chance this afternoon to sit in with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright to talk about the upcoming DVD release of their film “Hot Fuzz”. A couple of interesting things came out in this interview: 1) Edgar Wright actually used to work in that exact same supermarket in Hot Fuzz 2) Getting “edited for family friendly” versions together (very funny) 3) The upcoming Grindhouse DVDs will NOT… I repeat NOT have the fake trailers on them (more on that in another post) It was a great, casual (by invitation only) session. Instead of me trying to explain it, I thought I’d just let you watch it. here it is: Click To Play

The Dark Knight Trailer

The new “The Dark Knight” trailer that was shown here at Comic Con has predictably made its way online. Not much to see… but much to hear as we get our first sounds of Heath Ledger’s voice as Joker. Check it out:

Random Comic Con Pics

Hey there guys. So day #2 didn’t get of to the start that I wanted at all. The Warner Bros. session was at 10:30am today… I called a cab at 9:30am… and the thing took over 30 minutes to get here. By the time I got to the CON, the line up to get into the WB session was already over an hour long. So screw that noise. Instead, I took the opportunity to actually walk around the convention floor and see some stuff. IT WAS AMAZING! I’m so glad I didn’t end up going to the WB session, cause the rest of the weekend is totally booked for me and I’m not sure I would have had another chance to see all the stuff. So here are some quick snaps shoots I took on the floor. The Ark of the Covenant Balls Of Fury Posters All Lego R2D2 and C3PO All Lego Cewbacca Random upcoming movie posters Some DC Heroes A Role Playing Gamers Dream BSG “Frak Off” shirt New Hulk Movie display Giant Optimus Prime Scott of my FAVORITE online comic strip PVP More Transformers stuff Screenwriting software even on display New movie Skinwalkers on display One of many Star Wars displays Vader Heads 15 ft. Tall Voldemort World Of Warcraft I’ll try to get as many more shots as I can later.


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