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I’m not a big fan of gore just for the sake of gore. Gore is a tool in the hands of the right director who understands how to use it in order to solicit the desired response from an audience. Saw 3 is a great example of gore being used WRONG. The director of Saw 3 mistakenly thought (as many do) that gore was the goal… it’s not… it’s just a device that should help you reach your goal. This is one of the reasons I thought the first Hostel worked. Hostel wasn’t just a gory film (although obviously there was TONS of gore). It was a scary film. Eli Roth used the gore as just a tool to get the responses he wanted out of the audience after combining it with other tools at his disposal such as tension, atmosphere and conflict. All things Saw 3 never did. This morning our friend Peter from Slash Film sent me his review of the film (he got to see a screening the other night with Eli Roth in attendance) Hostel 2. Here’s what he had to say:And yes, the film begins only seconds after the ending of Hostel: Part I, with Jay Hernandez on the train. This is a nice touch. Roth uses the cinematic reunion to explain to any newcomers what happened in the first film. It’s done through quick flashbacks, and dosen”t feel at all like exposition. I also think this film shows Roth’s growth as a cinematic horror director. There were some shots and sequences that impressed me immensely. Or it could be that he had the money and time this time around (Hostel: Part I cost under $4 million). As Roth requested, I don’t want to give too much away in terms of plot. So I’m sorry if I left out some of the details. Truth be told, the audience loved the flick, and so did I. It’s the rare sequel that is better than the first. But squeamish beware, Hostel: Part II pushes the R-Rating to it’s limit. And that might be too much for a lot of people. I dare you to see it!The whole review is a good one and you should check it out if you get the chance. Personally, I’m a bit surprised to read Peter’s review. I really haven’t been at all impressed with anything I’ve seen from Hostel 2 so far. The marketing for the film has been a disgrace (not that there hasn’t been enough of it… just that it’s been piss poor in my opinion). But after reading at least this first review… my expectations are raised at least a little bit.

FRACTURE by Gregory Hoblit

Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) is filthy rich, highly intelligent, a perfectionist, and he shoots his young attractive wife Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) in the head because she has an affair with police officer Rob Nunally (Billy Burke). Jennifer survives but is in a coma, and it’s the very police officer Rob Nunally who arrests Ted. Assistant […]

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Plot Synopsis For Cannibal Holocost 2 Divulged

We get news of the new Cannibal Holocaust sequel from Bloody-Disgusting via moviesonline: Our friends at Bloody-Disgusting just got word on the synopsis for the Cannibal Holocaust Sequel. The film is about Professor Harold Moore, a New York anthropologist traveling to the wild, inhospitable jungles of South America to find out what happened to a documentary film crew shooting a film about cannibal tribes. So there you have it folks, it is not a lot of news, but it is a synopsis. As a matter of fact if you saw Cannibal Holocaust you may have been able to get this plot synopsis yourself. I am here to announce the news and confirm your suspicions. I will say this as a matter of commentary. Cannibals are creepy as hell. Zombie cannibalism is creepy enough but people making the conscious decision to eat other humans is stranger still. My tattoo artist has a delightful tabletop book on cannibalism and I was reading it before a sitting recently. It was interesting, shocking, and delightfully gruesome. The surface has not yet been scratched when it comes to cannibal films.

The Fountain (Combo HD DVD And Standard DVD)

Reviewed by Ryan Keefer Quote: “Aronofsky has managed to do something that few people have been unable to accomplish. He’s able to weave powerful moments of emotion and drama into a film that has elements of the past and future, and has truly made the first science fiction/romance film with which both men and women can emotionally connect to.”


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