As we’ve seen, sleeping through the night is not as simple or common as we might assume.

? Arousals during the night are normal and need not cause problems.

? Sleep problems can arise when a child cannot put himself back to sleep after the arousals.

?    It may be harder for children to sleep undisturbed because a child goes more rapidly through the sleep cycles than an adult; there are more periods of arousals and therefore more chances to awaken.

?    Deep sleep occurs early in the night and again for a short while near morning. Sleep terrors are likely to happen at this time.

?    Light sleep and dreaming occur in the remainder of the night. Nightmares (vs. sleep terrors) happen during that time.

?    You can determine your child’s sleep state by her sleep behavior and by what time she went to sleep.

?    This information will help you assess the nature of the sleep disturbance and what your response will be.


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