I always get excited about seeing a classic movie for the first time. A few years ago I was pumped when me and a friend of mine finally picked up The Godfather to watch for the first time… and I was blown away by it’s pure brilliance and shocked at how much cinema has been influenced by it (you just can’t appreciate that until you’ve seen it for yourself). Lawrence of Arabia was the same sort of thing for me too. Damn, the list goes on and on. So the other day I finally sat down to watch the original “The Wicker Man”. Man I’ve heard so much about this movie… about how it’s a horror classic, about how brilliant it is… about how eerie it is… yadda yadda yadda. So all excited I put the dvd in… and then proceeded for wait for an hour and a half for anything interesting to happen… then the credits rolled. I mean holy crap… that was one of the most boring snooze fests I’ve ever seen in my life. Not once did I care about the little girl, not once did I feel a sense of mystery or eeriness, not once did I feel “shocked” or frightened or even nervous. Whheeeee… singing dancing naked ladies. Whoopie freaking do. And look, please don’t hit me with the “You have to understand in it in the context of it’s time” argument. I understand that. But a great film is a great film and withstands the test of time. Like The Godfather or Citizen Cane or Sparticus or Ben Hur. Great stories transcend time and can overcome cultural and era changes. The Wicker Man didn’t do that… at least not for me. I mean, seeing Christopher Lee with that crazy hair was almost worth watching the movie for… but not quite enough. The film was just straight up boring. They set up the premise right away (which is something I appreciate) but they never really move on from there. A police officer comes to an isolated island to investigate reports of a missing little girl… only everyone on the island claims to know nothing about such a girl. Good idea to start with… but as I said nothing really transpires after that until the big anti-climactic finish. So help me out. Am I the only one here who thinks The Wicker Man is horribly overrated? If you’re one of the people who appreciates it, what is it that I missed?

APOCALYPTO by Mel Gibson

Central America just before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Mayan culture is on the verge of collapsing. A rather peaceful village of hunters is attacked by a war party. Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood), son of the village chief Flint Sky (Morris Birdyellowhead) is one of the survivors of the brutal raid, and he can […]

Wedding Crashers or Harold and Kumar

It’s going to be a bit of a slow news day since I’ll be traveling most of it (I’m heading to LA today). But something came up yesterday that kind of surprised me. In my post about the stupidity of Harold and Kumar, a couple of people actually suggested it was a better movie than Wedding Crashers. So, I thought why not open it up to discussion…. so what do you think? Which is funnier: Wedding Crashers, or Harold and Kumar?

New Barbarella?

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but like or not folks Barbarella may be showing up in a theater near you, a new Barbarella that is. The nice folks over at cinematical.com give us this on the story: Dino De Laurentiis wants to update the classic story of the lady who nearly dies of pleasure while taking sex to outer space. I’m not sure how, but this new franchise will not be a remake, but “a completely new Barbarella,” according to De Laurentiis Ok, ok this is not the best news of the day but if there was anyone who had to produce this movie at least it is De Laurentiis, the guy has been around. I’m actually surprised that he didn t have a production credit on the first Barbarella because he was certainly making movies similar and around the same time. From Thee Day of the Condor to Flash Gordon and the Conan the Barbarian series this man has done some of the most fun b-movies and a few straight A types since long before many of us were born. So we know that this movie will be funded properly but…how exactly will this go? Thankfully they don’t want to use the original script, or the actors (somehow I do not think Jane Fonda would be on board even if they did want her). If they made a new action comedy that just had the flavor of Barbarella (and the costumes of course) with a sparkling sexy girl who knows how to play comedy then it could be a fun romp, but they really would have to find someone spectacular. If there was a good cast and a fun script it could be a super popcorn flick. I fully approve of a remake of this movie because really, at least with Barbarella we are not treading on anything close to sacred film ground.


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