Whenever there is an exciting new treatment, it is natural for people to be hopeful that it will be the answer to their problems, and disappointed if it is not. Remember that even if St John’s Wort is not effective for you by itself, it may still have some value in combination with other anti-depressants. Bear in mind, though, that no anti-depressant treatment works for everybody and this must surely be true of St John’s Wort as well. Take comfort in the knowledge that there are many other available anti-depressants, some old, tried and tested, some newly arrived and claiming all kinds of advantages, and others yet to appear on the market. It is very unusual not to be able to find some medication or combination of treatments that will help extricate a person from the murky depths of depression. My approach with my own patients is to keep trying different approaches and sooner or later, such attempts are almost always successful.


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