With the increased use of sunscreens and their incorporation into many cosmetics, allergic reactions to their various ingredients are on the rise. Although many people are aware that PABA can produce allergic reactions, other sunscreen components, especially benzophenones, may also cause the same reactions.
If an allergic reaction to a particular sunscreen occurs, patch testing should be done so that an alternative sunscreen can be found. The titanium dioxide-containing make-ups or sunscreens are a good alternative and include Ego Sunsensitive, Clinique City Block, Clinique Continuous Coverage and UV Low Allergenic Formula.
Topical medication creams
Many over-the-counter soothing creams can cause allergic reactions, the majority being either anesthetic or antihistamine creams. If you have an itch or a burn it is better to use a cream specific to your problem rather than a general anti-itch or soothing cream.
Rubber allergy is commonly seen in people who frequently wear rubber gloves. Again, hairdressers are especially likely to develop it. Rubber in the form of elastic is also present in some clothing, especially underwear and lycra gymnasium tights. Rubber condoms are another source of rubber allergy. If this allergy develops, a non-rubber condom should be worn inside a rubber condom.
Shoes can produce a most uncomfortable dermatitis on the feet, which is often wrongly diagnosed as tinea. It is usually either the glue or the rubber which causes this problem. If the allergy is to glue, custom-made shoes in which the shoe leather is stitched to the soles are necessary.
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