Avoidance Avoidance usually lessens. It’s easier to do things, go places, and be around others. People become more active—their life becomes more colorful and interesting. Spending less time obsessing or checking the mirror frees you to do other things. It’s also easier to do things and be around others when the thoughts and compulsions are [...]

An exercise program is made up of three crucial components: warm-up, workout, and cool-down. Most people find that an exercise program occupies about thirty minutes daily, usually ten minutes of warming up, fifteen minutes of working out, and five minutes of cooling down – but this may vary. You should never exercise to the point [...]

There are two different reasons to do brain surgery in a patient with seizures. One we call “tumor” surgery, the other “epilepsy” surgery. A “tumor” in the brain may cause seizures. By tumor we mean not only abnormal growths and cancer but also abnormal blood vessels, areas of prior bleeding, and cysts, which may press [...]

Toxic people exhaust themselves with their fantasies of oppression. For example, the “pseudo hippie,” lacking any real interest in nourishing himself or confronting his own hang-ups, becomes a rebel for the sake of being a rebel—it’s better than being nothing. In the process, he latches on to movements or joins groups to which he never [...]

Cervicography is a screening technique that has been used in the USA for several years for detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. It can be used in conjunction with a smear test to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the cells of the surface of the cervix. It cannot, however, give evidence of the health [...]

In any enclosed pump-and-pipes system, the pump creates fluid flow and pressure results as the fluid flowing through the pipes encounters resistance, or friction. Every beat of your heart generates a powerful thrust that pumps blood through the pipes of the vascular system, creating pressure in the vessels. Each time the heart relaxes between beats, [...]

Discuss with the doctor any previous advice you may have been given from another doctor, or other sources of information. This will help the doctor understand your existing level of knowledge and if the information is correct. List any complaints you may have about your treatment and openly discuss these. Sometimes the care and treatment [...]

Backache is conventional medicine’s major weakness. Medical colleges do not provide adequate physiological knowledge or background to equip doctors to treat it. The nutritional content of their course is inadequate. They are not taught any but the most rudimentary palpatory techniques, which are absolutely essential for the treatment of the back. They are not taught [...]

Daily treatment with isoniazid for 12 months was shown to reduce the risk for active tuberculosis by more than 90%. A shorter 6-month regimen can also provide a reduced risk (approximately 70%) against the development of active infection. A 9-month regimen provides even greater protection than the 6-month regimen and is considered the optimal length [...]

Obviously, a diagnosis of sleepwalking is not terribly difficult, although it usually depends on anecdotal evidence from concerned parents or relatives. In assessing your condition, I will try to determine the age at which your problem began and whether there may have been some kind of stressful event at about the same time. Other questions [...]