Air cleaners remove airborne contaminants from the air in controlled areas. They are an option if you are living in an area where the air is noticeably polluted. The most popular models are portable and electrically powered. There are a variety of air cleaners on the market, and all of them are quite costly. If [...]

Differential diagnosis includes various abdominal conditions including ectopic pregnancy, acute appendicitis, urinary tract disease, Crohn’s disease, colonic spasm, ovarian cysts, ovulation pain and endometriosis. Diagnosis will depend on an assessment of the history, clinical findings and investigations which may include abdominal ultrasound, microurine and tests for N gonorrhoeae and С trachomatis. Serum HCG should be [...]

Patients with acute PID usually present with mild to severe lower abdominal pain or discomfort. Other common symptoms are vaginal discharge, dysuria, deep dyspareunia, pain on defaecation, fever with or without chills and menstrual irregularities. A patient with chronic PID may have symptoms such as chronic lower abdominal pain, dyspareunia, menstrual irregularities or infertility. Some [...]

I always get excited about seeing a classic movie for the first time. A few years ago I was pumped when me and a friend of mine finally picked up The Godfather to watch for the first time… and I was blown away by it’s pure brilliance and shocked at how much cinema has been [...]

“The Ten” is a movie I’ve been dying to see for a long time (I first wrote about it way back in August”). The basic idea is that the movie is a collection of 10 separate mini stories each revolving around one of the Ten Commandments. fantastic idea, backed up by a great cast which [...]

I’m not a big fan of gore just for the sake of gore. Gore is a tool in the hands of the right director who understands how to use it in order to solicit the desired response from an audience. Saw 3 is a great example of gore being used WRONG. The director of Saw [...]

Reviewed by Brett Cullum Quote: “China White Serpentine is not for everyone, but if you’re in the mood for an adventurous, trippy film laced with sex, drugs, and violence, this is a good choice.” Routh To Play Superman In Justice League? Exciting Justice League news out today. It seems like Routh is excited to be [...]

It’s always refreshing when you get to sit in on a session with a couple of guys who just talk like they do when they’re in the bar instead of putting on their best “interview face”. I had the chance this afternoon to sit in with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright to talk about the [...]

The new Alpha Dog trailer has hit the web, and well… all I can say is that I’m getting less and less impressed with this project the more I see of it. I know, I know… a lot of people are saying good things about it. Fair enough. I have no reason to question that. [...]

One of my favourite parks on the outskirts of Bangkok is Suanluang Rama IX. This 200 acre park was dedicated to H.M. The King about twenty years ago. The park is popular during early morning and late afternoon for fitness fanatics who jog around the park in the coolness of the day. It is also [...]